Life Stories

Every Life Has a Story . . . .Worth Being Written.  These are real stories from real women who have been blessed by the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin. Thank you for your support of our efforts to bring Today’s Help for Tomorrow’s Hope.

Krista, mother of 1 month old Kasper.  “The Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin, has made a big difference [in my life ]. The videos are very informative and helpful. My husband finished high school early to get a job to help with raising our child and supporting us. This program encouraged us to always do what is best for our baby.”  To our supporters, Krista has this message, “I would like to thank all the donors of the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin. This program has made a great impact on my life, money has been tight and I have been able to get items I need for my baby. The videos have been helpful in learning how to care for my new baby.  Thanks again.

Brandi, mother of 6 month old Lacie,  “Life is a road we go down and it can be a challenge. It is a whole other story when it comes to having children. There is so much you have to think about. I have learned so much from the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin. They have taught me so much and what intrest me the most is how a baby’s brain works and how much they learn in a short period of time. I can rely on the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin when my funds are low and I need diapers, formula, and clothes for my baby. She would not have much if I had to buy all these things myself. This program educates you in becoming a new parent and provides valuable mentoring, which is very important.  My fiancee and I do not have any family to help us and we were wondering how we were going to get a carseat for our baby, and the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin provided us with one through one of their programs.I consider them the family that helps with our needs.” To our supporters, Brandi has this message, “This is a great program and I thank the Lord that these amazing people are here to help families like ours.”

Jeanie,  mother to 6 1/2 month old Symphany, ” When I first learned I was pregnant, I was married but our relationship was very unhealthy. We tried to make it work but things only got worse. I soon began my journey as a single mom. What I needed most during this time was counseling. That is when I was referred to the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin. They offered me a place in their Learn To Earn Parenting Education Program, where I do everything I can to prepare to be the best mom I can be and earn vouchers. The vouchers allow me to receive food, diapers, clothes, and many more necessities my baby will need. Without this program I do not know where I would be.” To our supporters, Jeanie has this message, “I am truly thankful for all the items that are available to me for my child. It means the world to me to know there are people who want to help. I hope God will bless all the donors the way they have blessed us. Thank you so much for your  support.”

Roxana, mother to Greco (5), Juan (3), and Amy (2),  “I am a better mom as a result of the education and mentoring I have received from the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin.   I began going to the center when I was pregnant with my first child and I couldn’t imagine not having their support with my other two as well.  I am proud to say that I have finished college as a result of the encouragment of my mentor.”  To our supporters, Roxana has this message, “Thanks for your donations of diapers and other baby items. This has made a big difference by making my life easier and better for me and my children.”

Brittany, mother of Autumn (3) and Adam (1).   ” The Pregnancy Help Center of  Lufkin has given me the opportunity to be a better mother, vent feelings about problems and support my children in a way I would not have been able to do. I always have a friend to talk to who has been through a lot of the same situations and she makes me feel like I am able to be a wonderful mom.  Every young mother needs positive reinforcement instead of people always pointing out what they are doing wrong.”  To our supporters, Brittany has this message, “Without the support of the community, the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin would not be able to provide what mothers need for their children. Thank you so much for all your support to keep this program going.”